Sabrina Matthews
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photo of Sabrina Matthews Photo:Kelly Hahn

Check out Sabrina on
MySpace and YouTube
Thinking of booking Sabrina Matthews for some fabulous comedy? Check out the video of her hit half hour special, "Comedy Central Presents Sabrina Matthews" and some clips on YouTube of her appearance on NBC's "Last Comic Standing", and from the 2006 dvd, "Outlaugh".

Download Sabrina's bio, press, and photos, or email her to request promotional material.

So you've made up your mind to book the hilarious Sabrina Matthews? Good choice! Click here to email a booking request, or call (206) 781-8383.

If you are new to producing, or planning your first comedy show...

You are taking a big step to a richer life which will bring you the admiration of friends and strangers alike. Selecting Sabrina Matthews as your comic will only increase the excitement of your experience as a new comedy promoter.

Maybe you would like to bring Sabrina in as part of an already existing series of events. Do you have a weekly or monthly comedy show at a local venue? Perhaps a performing arts series? Or maybe this will be a special event or benefit for you or an organization you are involved with?

This may be something you are interested in as a project for you and some friends or business partners, but you do not have to do everything yourself. Many colleges are interested in putting on comedy events, particularly ones that relate to a current series of campus activities. A local organization that would like to have a benefit can be a huge help in setting up, promoting, and providing you with assistance, not to mention audience members.

There may be a perfect performance space near you: a comedy club, a theatre, a nightclub that features live music. With a little care and attention, you can put a terrific show together in a big room by creating a brightly lit stage area, setting up a microphone in a stand, filling the room with seats, and filling the seats with people.

When you have an idea of how, when, and where you want your event to happen, you can download her bio, press, and photos, or email Sabrina and she will send you a press kit, photos and a video of one of her fabulous television appearances. These materials will let you know for sure whether Sabrina is the right comic for your event (she probably is), and will later serve as the foundation for your promotional crusade.

Once you have secured your space, a date, and the services of the hilarious Sabrina Matthews, there are plenty of great ways to promote your show. Copies of the press kit and photos can be sent to to local newspapers and television stations: Sabrina is always happy to make herself available for television, radio, and newspaper interviews leading up to all of her shows. The video is suitable for viewing at local gathering places (bars, community centers, college campuses, bookstores) which will help draw in audience members. If you have a promotional email list, you can provide links to this site and her clips on her Comedy Central page to whet your audience's appetite.

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