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Watch Sabrina on the web Jennie McNulty Presents: Walking Funny With... Sabrina Matthews on Sabrina and Jennie dodge security guards, talk about gay rights, and Sabrina shows off her fabulous body art.

Feast of Fools Check out Sabrina's latest guest spot on the award winning podcast Feast of Fools.

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Watch Sabrina's hit half hour special "Comedy Central Presents Sabrina Matthews", or check out clips on YouTube from NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and L.A.'s queer comedy festival, "Outlaugh".

CD cover-buy the cd take a test drive of the cd Check out Sabrina's hilarious CD, "Now What Was I Saying?"

You can listen to some full length audio tracks and try before you buy!

DVD cover ---Laughing Matters... More! "Laughing Matters...More!" Seen on LOGO tv, this "docu-comedy" is now available on dvd. A reality-based romp with four of the hottest lesbian comics working today, "Laughing Matters...More!" has won top awards at festivals across the country.

Read the latest reviews at and Seen on LOGO tv, this "docu-comedy" is now available on dvd.